Ecological Pools

Benefits of build an eco-friendly solution

Discover the advantages of eco-friendly constructions in contrast to traditional ones, and the main benefits when it comes to investing.


Ecological pools have many benefits. We can find among them:

  1. Clean and balanced water for a longer time: Just like a lake, river or any other natural environment, the quality of water is kept balanced at all times, letting its owners enjoy the pool any time of the year.
  2. Lower maintenance: Since they are designed as a bio-ecological system, they don’t need extensive maintenance. Having the water in circulation and the plants healthy is enough for the pool to self-maintain.
  3. Significant water saving: By working in a balanced way, ecological pools don’t need to be drained every year, making excessive water consumption a problem of the past.
  4. No chemicals: You could open your eyes underwater without fear of eye irritation, and without worrying about dry skin or hair.
  5. Variety of shapes: Allowing the easy adaptation to different backyards and gardens.
  6. Introducing fish: Even though it is not everyone’s choice, ecological pools can incorporate some fish that help eliminate insects or mosquitoes larvae and maintain a better balance in the pool.

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Know more about me

I am Robb Robson


I am a General Contractor with more than 30 years of experience in construction in the USA, and founder of RRR General Contractor, an eco-friendly construction company based in Miami, FL.

I very much treasure nature, therefore I am always learning and studying to develop my client’s project following the most innovative technologies and using sustainable materials.

I am certain that there is always a way to do things better, and I am convinced that nowadays the best way to build is treasuring and preserving the environment.

According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC), green building can reduce energy use by up to 30%, carbon emissions by 35%, water consumption by 50% and water consumption by up to 90%. the cost of waste management.

Discover why eco-friendly constructions are the future. 

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