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Certified Mold Assessor MRSA809

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Why sustainable construction is the best option?

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To save energy

Although they provide the same comfort as traditional housing, sustainable houses pay for themselves. They need less power to feed cooling and heating systems, therefore they have less environmental impacts.


To reduce the carbon footprint

Eco-friendly constructions not only use less energy, but also, they benefit from natural sources like the sun, water and wind.



Construction materials used to build sustainable houses are of the highest quality and need less maintenance, therefore, they last longer.



All products used for ecological building are natural, toxin-free, reusable and recyclable.



Most of the materials for sustainable construction can be used a second time thanks to their reusable characteristic.


Investment amortization

The initial investment to build a sustainable house is amortized in a period of five to ten years. 

Our projects

Eco-friendly natural pool Nº 3

Our client’s dream was to have a natural pool to help create a relaxing meditation area. They wanted to feel as if they were living in nature by the lake and water cascades. The dream of a paradise in their own home backyard.


First of all, we visited the area to understand and analyze possible ways to design their dream pool. Secondly, we rendered a design to show the client an idea of the final project and to get the approval. Depending on the project, the characteristics of the land and the client’s needs, a project could take from one to four months.

Florida keys Wild Bird Center

The client needed an unshared space for pelicans, where they can rest and recover before returning to their natural habitat.


For this project we got the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approval. Given the park is located in one of the most preserved and protected areas of USA, all federal, state and local governments were involved throughout project.

Accessible modern residences

The project was designed for Florida City. It has four lots, each one has five townhomes, three of them have three bedrooms and two full bathrooms and a half bath on the first floor. On each corner of the buildings, there are two townhouses with two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a half bath on the first floor. To sum up, four lots with five units each, a total of twenty townhomes.


This eco-friendly and economic construction with a modern architecture is at the moment a work in progress. We are waiting for permits and final designs, and looking forward to starting soon.

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