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At RRR General Contractor we are strongly committed to the environment. Many factors are involved when making the difference between an eco-friendly or sustainable construction and a traditional one. Most of these factors are related to the responsible use of resources in every step of the process, from beginning to end, and others are related to the reuse of materials, even after years have passed, when it is time to modify or demolish a property.

Our preference is for minimalism. This architectural style has become very popular over the last few years. Our current and potential clients are inclined towards more harmonious and functional houses and indoor spaces, where we use minimal and basic materials to create admirably more balanced and luminous environments.

We completely support our subcontractors, not only because they are expert professionals, but also because they trust us.

Sustainable remodeling and additions

In every design and style, we want to express the owners’ personality. Every detail will reflect their desires and preferences, keeping a balance to achieve the perfect result.

Everything is possible when you work together with experienced and committed professionals.


If you are professionally engaged in developing projects in the construction area and your company is not supported, we will offer you the qualification through our General Contractor, an expert in the building code. Our qualification service will allow you and your team to grow exponentially and legally to carry out projects of any scope and complexity.

The projects that can be developed include:
- Public: federal, state or municipal
- Private: commercial, residential e industrial

With over 30 years of construction management experience, we can help you in every step of the way to achieve the maximum potential and growth your business deserves.

ADDITIONS – We add whatever your home needs

At RRR General Contractor we have a unique way to improve your home by adding the spaces of your dreams.

We can transform your one-story house into a two-story dream. Is your car going to waste under the Florida sun? We can help you to create a custom-designed garage, which not only will improve your house, but also will add aesthetic value to the existing building.

We have done many projects in Miami and Broward that simply required us to add a bedroom or a guest room with a private bathroom.

If you can imagine, we can build it.

We are online to help you

Our General Contractor will communicate directly with you to evaluate the best solution.